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32 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. My eyes can appear to be hazel, green or brown. I most love when they are green.


2. I wrote my first story when I was in early elementary school. It was about the Underground Railroad.


3. I met my husband online. After three dates (in one week), I thought it was over. Instead, we ended up married a year and three days later!


4. I first fell in love with Kate Spade at Marshalls. I have a really hard time resisting anything KS but I do wait for sales. 


5. I prefer to be called ‘Stephanie’ rather than ‘Steph.’


6. I have read somewhere around 700 books.


7, I love starting my day with a protein shake. Two scoops vanilla Olly protein powder + 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk + a dash of 100% pure dark cacao powder + natural peanut butter, to taste. Cannot get enough!


8. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. 


9. I spent a week in Romania teaching at a camp for gypsy kids.


10. I wish I could have met C.S. Lewis. I think he had the most amazing imagination and I find his work truly inspiring. 


11. I am certified to teach grades 1-6 and have taught for about nine years. This is the first year I am not in a classroom, due to my health. 5th grade has probably been my favorite grade to teach so far!


12. I can very much relate to Claude Monet when he said “I must have flowers. Always and always.”


13. If I could live in any town from a tv show or movie, I would probably pick Stars Hollow. 


14. BBC makes the best shows. Some of my favorites include: Sherlock, Death in Paradise and Father Brown. 


15. I thought my first grade teacher was the most beautiful woman. She had gorgeous long nails and I insisted on growing mine out. When my mom tried to get me to cut them, I told her “Mrs. Q has long nails!” to which she responded, “Mrs. Q doesn’t play in the dirt”.


16. My dream home would have a library big enough to have a ladder.


17. I wish I could paint. 


18. I love getting mail. Cards, packages, postcards … they are all lovely and never fail to make my day.


19. Ice cream and candy are my ultimate weaknesses. 


20. I love nature sounds — rain, birds, frogs, thunder, the ocean … I love it all. I have a sound machine I use to help fall asleep.


21. I am soon to be an aunt for the fourth time. I love my nieces and nephew more than I knew was possible. 


22. I want to see the world. A few times a year, I will feel my heart literally ache to travel.


23. I eat gluten free due to chronic stomach problems. I miss real pasta, real bread and real pizza.


24. I cannot stand country music.


25. My favorite beverage is probably hint water — blackberry and peach, in particular.


26. I think Kate Middleton is the definition of beauty and class. If I could trade wardrobes with anyone, she would probably be my first choice.


27. Autumn is my absolute favorite season. I got married in October, as did my parents and my mom’s parents. 


28. I love museums, libraries and bookstores. They are happy places for me.


29. I went to a Sandals resort in Jamaica for my honeymoon. After my treatments are over and I’m healthy, I fully intend to go back!


30. If I had to be on a reality show, it would be the Amazing Race. My biggest issue would definitely be the food challenges!


31. I love a good true story. A book, a movie, a documentary … If it’s true and interesting, I’m probably going to be fascinated.


32. I want to be a mom someday.

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