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Point person(s) and port placement

My new hardware

My port placement was scheduled for Thursday, September 27th, the day after my egg retrieval procedure. I woke up bright and early, checked in at the hospital at 6 am, got hooked up to my IV and was nearing the end of my hospital inventory when I overheard the nurse say, "So what? Should I just send her on her merry way?" I looked at my mom and asked if I had just heard correctly (I was one of two patients in the whole ward and the only female, so I knew it was about me). The nurse returned, leaned in and patted my hand, saying "your urine test came back positive for pregnancy."

Okay. But I had already explained to the staff the procedure that I had just undergone the day before. Of course my body was registering for the hCG hormone! Buuuuuut, they couldn't take my word for it and they couldn't reach my surgeon, so they said they had to send me home. Wah wah.

After about 1,000 phone calls, I was finally rescheduled for my port placement the following day.

In the end, I really think it was a "God thing." The area of the hospital I had been in the day before was empty, dismal and all of the staff were being incredibly rude to each other. Where I ended up on Friday was much better ... I even had a semi- room for prep and recovery (as opposed to an area that was just curtained off)! And the staff was so friendly and helpful.

Side note: One thing I have been surprised by in all of this is the number of times my nurses, PAs, techs, etc have told me "I had cancer. I am a survivor and you will be, too." What an amazing testimony of these people's beautiful spirits. They made it through this horrible disease and instead of running away from the memory of it, they turned to help others. That has really amazed me.

After spending more hours than I anticipated at the hospital, I was released, my new gadget all ready to go! Which was a good thing, since I found out I would be starting chemo Monday. Talk about a deluge!


I have asked my two sisters to be point people for me during this time. If you have any quick questions, you can send an e-mail to and either Jessica or Rebekkah will get back to you as soon as they can.

Thank you again for all of your love, prayers, cards, gifts, meals for my family, texts, pictures, videos ... I have been so humbled and touched by your outpouring of support!

All my love,


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