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Family room makeover!

When Ricky and I were engaged, I took it upon myself to start giving my future home a fresh palette. Honestly, Ricky has pretty fantastic taste but the house had so many "accent colors" it was starting to look like a crayon box had burst.

This was the front room (living room). As you can see, it featured a lovely orange-red accent wall. It had a 90s geometric area rug and "big furniture store" couches, coffee table and lamps. Not my taste at all.

I had never lived in my own space, so making over our home has been a slow process. But I decided the best way to start was with a nice neutral paint color.

The color in the above photo unfortunately turned out to have a little too much beige in it, meaning it had to be painted all over again. But it was worth it.

For quite some time (um, like at least a year ...) this room remained empty. The paint was on point but we couldn't afford to furnish it. The best decision we made was to turn into bargain hunters. Marshall's became our favorite place (later followed by target) and we slowly added as we could afford it.

We found this gorgeous handwoven rug for an insane price and we used that as our inspiration for the rest of the room.

Months later, we found these chairs we loved but after checking all of the local Marshall's and Home Goods, we found out there was only one of each color.

So I decided to get a little resourceful and checked the tag under the cushion for the brand. Once I found it, it was just a matter of a simple Google search and I had found our chairs on Houzz! We did have to pay a little more, but they were delivered in two days and they were the perfect color.

Then it was target to the rescue for accent pillows, a throw, side table and lamp. Along the way, we finally found curtains and we added in some picture frames and wall art. The room still isn't complete but I have to say, it is a huge improvement and the room genuinely makes me happy.

We also dress up the mantle in the fall and winter with seasonal touches. It is looking a little plain at the moment -- what should we add?

What do you think of the makeover? Leave some feedback below!

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