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8.4, iron no more

Some warriors wear pink

I'll keep this brief. I had my bloodwork done today and things don't look great. The nurse pulled me aside and asked how I was feeling. I told her not good and she confirmed that my HGB had dropped again by another 0.5.

She asked me a series of questions and in return I asked if I could still go on vacation. Her response was "there are hospitals there." Not the response I wanted! Basically, if my chest hurts, my heart races or I can't catch my breath this weekend, she said I need to go to the ER.

She also told me signs to look for that I may be experiencing internal bleeding.

Additionally, they have decided to run some iron tests on my blood. They should have the results of those tests on Monday.

We were supposed to leave for vacation tomorrow. It isn't looking good.

I spoke with someone today and they expressed how they were prepared for these types of side effects with my infusion chemo but that they didn't expect this from my oral chemo. To be honest, I didn't either. But these are serious side effects and they have been miserable. Sometimes the truth sucks, but there it is.

You know I don't like to leave you on a depressing note, so here are two awesome things from this week:

1. My mentor and friend bought me those adorable shoes! She told me "You have been a true warrior and those feet of yours need to feel equipped for the journey!" I cannot express just how much this meant to me. I love them, and I love my incredibly thoughtful friend!

2. I had some much needed family time! My niece, J, FaceTimed me on Wednesday to ask if I could spend the day with her family. I had such a wonderful day! I was able to sit outside (in the shade!) and watch my nieces play with their neighbor (they put on a circus for me and my sister.) And when my nephew H woke up from his nap we were able to laugh and play like we haven't in a long time. Then my sister made delicious soup and they took me out for ice cream.

Thursday I went out for pizza with my younger sister and my other nephew, A. His smiles absolutely light up my day and it just felt good to have a "normal" outing!

Updates & Prayer Requests:

  • I will finish up cycle two of Xeloda tomorrow. The plan is to start my third cycle of Xeloda Sunday, August 4th.

  • We were able to go out to dinner for Ricky's birthday -- thank you for your prayers!

  • I have an appointment with my oncologist scheduled for Tuesday, August 6th. If anything changes between now and then I will try to let you know.

All my love,


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