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2021 Reading Challenge

This year, I want the reading challenge to be about more than just checking categories off a list. 

I thoughtfully put this challenge together with the hope that it brings you to books that:

inspire childlike wonder 

provoke meaningful conversations

spark true joy

encourage reflection


bring a sense of peace.

If a category does none of those things for you, skip it! 


I truly hope you enjoy this challenge. Happy Reading -- I can't wait to hear what books you choose!

Love is Loudest

2021 Reading Challenge

  • A children’s classic

  • A book that takes place during your favorite season 

  • A book that is the first or last in a series 

  • A book about a quest, adventure or journey 

  • A book with a one word title

  • A book set in the country of your heritage 

  • A book that promotes peace, calm or quiet in your life 

  • A book with illustrations

  • A book out of your comfort zone (genre, topic, style)

  • A book that includes correspondence (fiction or non fiction)

  • A book chosen for you by a friend

  • A book that speaks to you (theme, topic, etc)

  • A young adult science fiction book

  • A book with flowers on the cover

  • A book told from three or more POV

  • A book about historic travel (Oregon Trail, space exploration, Amelia Earhart, etc)

  • A biography, autobiography or memoir

  • A book written during a time period you wish you could have lived

  • A book less than 100 pages long or longer than 600 pages

  • A book about art or an artist

  • A book that you pick because of a show or movie you saw (was mentioned or read by a character, was the inspiration for the show or movie, a history about the time period, etc)

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