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A slight speed bump

Pre-meds, check!

December 10, 2018

Taxol Round 3 ... Or not?

I am posting this video update to quickly fill you in on the events of today because I know some of you were concerned after following my Instagram story.

Updates & Prayer Requests:

  • My blood counts continue to drop but are at okay levels. Please pray that they start to steady out or even go up. If they drop further, there could be delays or eventually the need for a blood transfusion.

  • As I said, Round 4 of chemo will be Monday, 12/17. I will be meeting with my oncologist at 10:30am, followed by chemo with the new drug. Please pray for the following: 1. that my appointment would go well, with my oncologist feeling confident about my progress and continued course of treatment, 2. that all of our questions about the new chemo drug would be answered and we would feel comfortable moving forward, 3. that I would not experience side effects from the new drug and lastly 4. that my anxiety would stay at bay!

  • We have figured out a few tweaks and my digestive system problems have improved but are still not 100%.

  • My family is finally on the mend! I am hoping to see some of them this week. Yay!

  • I have been extremely exhausted and having chemo every week has been emotionally taxing. Please pray for continued strength of body and mind to get through the rest of this chemo, for however long it may be.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support. I will be posting another update this week, so stay tuned!

All my love,


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