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And a chemo new year!

Abraxane 3

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is a year full of blessing and joy for you all!

I made a little video montage of what my 2018 looked like and thought I would share it with you.

Updates & Prayer Requests:

  • I continue to become more exhausted everyday. As my blood counts cannot replenish fast enough, the side effects become more intense.

  • Due to this exhaustion and weakening, I will be moving back in with my parents during the week. I need help taking care of myself and this is the best solution for the time being.

  • I have continued to be very cautious about being around people (low white blood cell count means a greater risk for infection). Moving back with my parents means a much higher exposure rate to people. Please pray for everyone to remain healthy!

  • Pray for my appetite, acid reflux and the nausea that I have started to experience again.

  • Continue to pray for my family, both immediate and extended, as this journey has been tough for all of us in different ways.

  • My next infusion is today - Monday, January 7th at 12:30 pm (I will meet with my oncologist first). I have several questions I would like to ask at this appointment- please pray that we have the time to do so.

  • Please pray for our finances. If you would like to learn more about our finances please visit our page:

All my love,


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