• Stephanie

Holding onto hope

I have been reading through the New Testament and on my birthday, I was reading Romans 12. This verse struck me and I immediately felt it was a verse I needed to hold onto this year.

I have previously written about how I struggle with hope at times - I can find myself at the bottom of a deep, dark well if I allow my thoughts to get too far off track. God has moved in a mighty way to bring me out of the depression I dealt with since I was a young girl but there have definitely been moments (okay, days) over the past few years where I have felt myself feeling depressed again.

Since my surgery in February, I have continued to battle stomach issues. I would say 85% of the time I am experiencing some type of gastrointestinal distress and 20% of those times feel debilitating.

Yesterday I had an oncology appointment and they decided to order a CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis to rule out metastatic cancer. The scans are tomorrow at 12:40 pm. I also have an appointment with my GI tomorrow at 4 pm.

I am optimistic that there will be no signs of cancer and that God will continue to guide my steps as I seek healing from these issues, whether that be through doctors, alternative medicine, diet or a miracle.

Please pray for me to have a joyful hope for my future, to be patient in the midst of my pain and for me to be faithful in prayer!

While things may feel discouraging, I know I serve a God who sees me and who will continue to sustain me through it all.

I hope these songs encourage you, wherever you are and whatever you are going through, the way they have been encouraging me. God's about to move ...

All my love,