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One year ago

February 19, 2019. One year ago today, I was receiving my last dose of IV chemo for triple negative breast cancer. After 142 days, 16 infusions and 4 neulasta shots, I was still facing a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy, as well as radiation therapy. But I was so looking forward to spring and the end of treatment. Little did I know I was about to have 6 more months of active treatment added on in the form of xeloda, an oral chemotherapy drug. It has been a looooong year. It hasn’t gone at all how I expected or hoped. Iron infusions, exhaustion on a level I can’t comprehend, weight gain, hair that was just starting to come back stalling (or falling out, in the case of my eyebrows), anxieties, isolation, frustration ... It’s been a lot. BUT here’s the headline: I AM ALIVE. My husband, my family and God have been faithful. I am so thankful. Now someone go blast Sia’s “Alive” and have a dance party for me.

Oh, and please enjoy this ridiculous ode to my hair.

All my love,


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20 févr. 2020

Your crazy hair days made me laugh out loud. You are still BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I love that you still have your sense of humor. I'm sure somewhere someone going through chemo is in some small way in debt to your blogs for keeping them hopeful. I love you so much.

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