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Politicians, rock stars and the wigs that make them

Making my debut as a political candidate

There's a lot of ground to cover in this post, but please, first take a moment to appreciate this wig in all of it's glory. You will see me running for president in 2020.

Another reminder- I'm doing my best to keep people updated through my Instagram videos ( so be sure to check there if you haven't heard from me in a while.


This week has probably been my most trying in this journey so far. There was a procedure I told you all I was undergoing before chemo, but I wasn't ready to share details about it. I think now is the time to share more information.

When I heard I had cancer, of course my mind went to two things: surgery and chemotherapy. But I guess I was a little naive because there was another procedure that did not cross my mind ... IVF. Ricky and I have not had children yet but we were planning on having children in the future. Chemo can damage my eggs, so we were encouraged to look into freezing some of my eggs.

I met with a wonderful doctor and felt so at ease with her and really felt like it was the right thing to do. So on Friday, September 14th I began going through the IVF process. What this means is from the 14th-18th, Ricky gave me two shots in my stomach every night and from the 19th-this Monday, three shots. These are hormones that are normally produced in the female body, but this process is releasing my hormones in a controlled way to produce more eggs in one cycle, so they can be harvested.

During this process, I have had to go to the IVF doctor every other morning for blood work and ultrasounds. Friday was my most recent appointment and I was told that things were looking good and I would probably take what's called the "trigger shot" Monday and Tuesday and have the procedure to remove my eggs done on Wednesday. This will be performed in Boston.

These shots have really taken a toll on me. They have caused me to be extremely tired and nauseous. They've also made my emotions feel less stable.

When the third shot was added, things felt like they got ten times worse. Today I spent most of the day sleeping. I have heard from two friends that are doctors that this is normal but it has definitely been a little frustrating. I want to be around people now, before I start chemo, so spending so much time sleeping is making me feel lonely.

This week was also very busy. I received my genetic testing results on Thursday-- They all came back NEGATIVE! This was such a relief and answer to prayer.

Friday I had my echocardiogram. If you know me really well, you might know I have had at least two EKG's done in my life because I've had fears something wasn't right. The woman who administered the echocardiogram not only said my heart looks great, she actually asked if I was very athletic! Again, if you know me well, you'll get a good chuckle out of that. I will get my final results on Monday or Tuesday.

Friday afternoon I went to try on wigs. Both of my sisters and Ricky came with me, which was so incredibly helpful. I'm not going to lie - the idea that I am going to lose my hair is something I do not feel I have fully processed. So while at times the appointment was hysterical (see pictures), it was definitely surreal.

My 70s rock star

I think I found a wig that I feel good about, but I am not sure yet. Please pray for me as I navigate this emotional aspect of my cancer journey.

Updates & prayer requests:

  • We are no longer trying to plan a trip to Dana Farber. We have heard nothing but wonderful things about our oncologist and right now, we feel at peace with our decision.

  • The itching in my legs has stopped!

  • All of my blood work has gone smoothly.

  • Pray that Monday we get the "go ahead" for the trigger shots and I am able to have the egg harvesting done on Wednesday.

  • Pray for safety and comfort as we travel to Boston. I get motion sickness, so the idea of driving several hours is always daunting to me.

  • Pray for the egg harvesting to be successful and clean -- specifically pray that they do not hit a vein and that I do not have a reaction to the procedure, which would set everything back.

  • Pray that my port placement would go well and that I would not experience too much discomfort.

  • Pray that God continues to provide for us financially.

  • Pray that Ricky, my family and I all stay healthy. This is critical right now and will continue to be throughout chemo.

Looking ahead:

  • Monday I have chemo class.

  • We are possibly going to Boston from Tuesday-Wednesday and having my eggs harvested Wednesday.

  • Thursday morning is when I have my port placement scheduled.

  • The following Tuesday is my next appointment with my oncologist, and I am assuming I will be starting chemo very shortly after.

Thank you all for your love and prayers. In the days ahead, I will try to update as often as I can but I may also be asking someone to be a "point person" for some information. I will let you know.

All my love,


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