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The home stretch

Round 13. Rocking my pink port-friendly zip up from JD! Oh, and trying to avoid sickness!

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted! I sincerely hope you all didn’t miss me too much!

As I’m sure you've guessed, I have been exhausted. I need to find a word that better illustrates the degree of complete body shutdown that I am experiencing haha! It's unreal. Between my last post and today, I feel like my brain has quit, my attention span has retreated to that of a 2 year old and my body has lost all energy.

On top of the exhaustion, my body has given in to the side effect I truly hoped I was avoiding: neuropathy. Think flu like aches and restless leg, but all over your body. Fun stuff, I tell ya.

BUT I knew this was coming and honestly, that, in and of itself, has brought me comfort. I am in the home stretch and my body has done an amazing job of supporting me thus far! I can and I will make it through this!

My mom and dad came to round 14 of chemo!


Who is having a party that day? Let's make it a holiday!

Updates & Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for grace to get through these next few weeks!

  • Pray that I stay healthy (aka cold and flu free).

  • Pray for my appetite, acid reflux and the nausea that I have been experiencing.

  • Pray for the neuropathy and restless leg, especially at night when I am trying to sleep!

  • My next infusion is tomorrow - Monday, February 11th at 9:45 am. My oncologist (Dr. T) called me today and asked that I have my nurse get her once I start my infusion. Dr. T wants to make sure my neuropathy and other side effects are under control.

  • I am meeting with my surgeon Wednesday, February 13th at 8:40 am. I have many questions! This is also when I will have my imaging appointments set up. Pray this goes well and I feel at peace.

  • And in case you didn't catch this: MY LAST CHEMO TREATMENT IS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19th AT 12 PM! Paaaaaartaaaaay!

Okay, now I need to try to sleep. I promise to write something more substantial this week.

All my love,


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